FGA LEAGUE by FootGolf Australia

You'll first be asked to fill out the registration form below (you can check our privacy policy at any time at http://www.footgolf.org.au/home.html).

Before you proceed let us briefly explain how the sign up process works so you feel comfortable along the journey...

Step 1: Registration

4. Tournament Structure

The actual structure and stages will be adjusted on a course by course basis depending on the number of players enrolled.
As an example, the tournament structure is if 24 players sign up in one course would be:

  • Players will be drawn into 4 groups of 6 players each.
  • Each player will play 2 (home and away) matches against each of the other 5 players in the group. This guarantees all players play at least 10 rounds.
  • The top 4 players from each group will qualify to play the round of 16.
  • From then on, the knock out stages (quarter final, semi-final and final) will decide who is the FGA League winner.

Any questions? 

Please contact us at info@FootGolf.org.au

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5. Flexible Scheduling

Dates and times for all matches will be made available to players before FGA League kicks off. With agreement of both players, matches can be moved to a different date, time and course.


  • Player agreement: If one of the two players does not agree to change date, time or course, the match will take place where and when it was scheduled.
  • Inform FGA: When a match is rescheduled, the new day and time should be communicated to FootGolf Australia (info@FootGolf.org.au
  • Two-week window/No overlap: As long as it does not overlap with the final rounds (Round of 16 onwards), a match can be brought forward or pushed back up to two weeks from the scheduled date.
  • Choose course: by default, you will be scheduled to play in the course you chose. However, if you will be able to agree with you.

2. Signing up

Adults Category
​Men and women aged 16+ can sign up for the adults category.

Sign-up fee is $200 and includes:

  • registration fee to play a minimum of 10 match play rounds (9 holes each).
  • finals matches (Round of 16, quarter, semi and final)
  • Australian FootGolf Ranking

1, What is FGA League?

FGA League is the national league managed by FootGolf Australia (FGA) and locally run by Accredited FootGolf courses throughout the country.

The competition will run from September till December 2016 and players can play at their nearest FootGolf courses.

Secure your
​spot in FGA League!

Play a minimum of rounds between

3 Sep - 10 Dec at your nearest acredited FootGolf course in NSW, VIC and SA

3. Playing Format | Match Play 9 holes

​In this format 2 players compete against each other by playing each hole of the course together.

On each hole, the most that can be gained is one point. The player with the lowest score on a given hole receives 1 point. The player with the highest score gets 0 pints. If players tie, they both get 0 points.

At the end of the 9 holes, the match winner takes 3 points home and the loser takes 0 (zero) points. A draw will give 1 point to each player.

After submitting the Registration form you will be directed to a new page where you will make your payment for the FGA League registration fee + 10 Match Play rounds.

This amount is $200.

If you referred a friend, make sure they complete the appropriate box with your name to get a $10 refund.